Make a Difference to a Child

Make a Difference to a Child

By Diane Cummins on July 3, 2023

July 1st kicks off National Make Difference to Children Month, an annual month-long celebration started in 2006 to spotlight the importance of guiding, helping, and supporting children as they grow and navigate the many challenges of life. This month raises awareness about the vulnerabilities children can face without the right people in their lives to guide them. 

Children are pure of heart and lack life experience. Because of this, they need guidance to choose the right paths. Oftentimes, this guidance can come from parents, older siblings, teachers, or other guardians. However, many children do not have such mentors, and this can put them in harm’s way.

Did you know that one million children are victims of abuse and neglect in the United States each year? 

Did you know that twenty thousand children age out of foster care, never having a place to call home while growing up?

These are hardships many children face. Children are the future, and they deserve the chance to be seen, to feel loved, and to be nurtured. That is why making a difference this month is so important.

Here are some simple ways that you can observe National Make A Difference to Children Month:

1. Talk to a Child

One of the best ways to make a difference in a child’s life is to get to know him or her better by understanding his or her needs. In many cases, all a child requires is the attention and time of someone as it makes them feel cared for and heard. Talk to the children in your life, and spend time with them.

2. Vow to Protect Children

If you see abuse or neglect happening to a child around you, help them by stepping in or informing the authorities. Always make sure that you are aware of the situation between parents and their children, however, before you take any action. Context is important.

3. Donate to Child Welfare Organizations

Find child welfare organizations and trusts and donate to them. You can also spread the word about them by talking to your friends and family and encouraging them to donate as well.

Here are some donation ideas:

You have the power to make a difference in a child’s life!