The Golden Apple Way

Truly Client-Centered

Golden Apple Services was established with a focus on the "3 C's":

Clients need to know that they can trust their case managers to advocate for them, ensuring that their needs are met, that communication is bidirectional, and that clients feel heard. Effective listening is more important than talking in terms of good communication. At Golden Apple, we listen to our clients and ensure that they are at the center of their own care. We approach case management holistically, believing that successful case management is a concerted effort involving the client, the case manager, and any home and community-based service (HCBS) providers that the client wishes to involve in his or her care. We believe that all involved parties must be on the same page to ensure that the client receives the best care possible.

We go beyond hearing words - we genuinely listen.

We meet our clients where they are.

We build relationships and trust.

We work together as a team.